Teachers, the light of the world: Jaun Zaidi


    5th Septmber – Teacher’s Day Teachers are the light of the world, the Beacon in the dark and the hope that gives us strength to survive work. They work very hard to make sure our future is bright. On this Grand occasion let us take the opportunity to convey our wishes to all the teachers for their impeccable contribution in moulding us.5th September is marked by the birth anniversary Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was a great teacher and a philosopher. Teacher’s Day is celebrated in commemoration of his birth anniversary. .Teachers are like our parents .They mould the child’s personality and provide a bright future. Teachers stand by us at all occasions guiding and supporting us. They motivate us and inspire us to be good human beings. They are the source of light and wisdom. They are selfless and approachable. We look up to them for the resolution of our problems . They help us in all pursuits of life. They provide us strength to keep moving on, never give up and to go the extra mile to achieve great success.They stand beside us with a beaming smile and eyes filled with tears. These are our teachers,disciplinarians and task Masters who are hard from the outside and soft at the core. I express my gratitude to all my teachers on this day. Thank you ,dear teachers for your selfless service towards humanity.


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